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After working my problem areas, I’m experiencing no pain.

Dana Audet

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Alvin Brown, BSc, D.O.M.P., RHN, Cert. ACP., NLP (Master Practitioner)

Journey to Greatness book

Alvin is the CEO and founder of The Centre for Healing and Peak Performance (TCHPP), a multidisciplinary wellness and peak performance centre located in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. He is also the founder and CEO of the sought after Integrated Peak Performance Consulting (IPPC) certification program, a mind and body peak performance training system, getting elite performers to move from good to peak performance. Alvin is also a passionate international speaker and author of:

Alvin Brown Journey to Personal Greatness, Mind, Body & Soul: A Blueprint for Life Balance & Self-Mastery.

Meet the Team
  • My favourite part of the centre is the entire experience from when you walk in to when you walk out. All the staff members and practitioners make you feel very welcomed.

  • All the friendly staff members and the way everything runs is the best part of this clinic.

  • I have always found the centre such a friendly and calming environment to be in. They are extremely thorough with treatments and won’t give up until they get you back to your optimal health and peak performance.

    - Madison
  • The best part of this clinic is the friendly and personable atmosphere. They know you by name so when you walk in, you truly feel a part of the clinic.

  • Alvin and his team work wonders! After working my problems areas I find I’m walking better, I’m working out better, and experiencing no pain. I went back to the gym for the first time after my appointment today and I feel amazing.

    Dana Audet Fitness Professional
  • I love that it’s a one stop shop for your holistic health care needs. The atmosphere strikes a nice balance between a zen feel and a clinical facility. With my experience at TCHPP, it’s so much more than simply treating you – they educate you throughout the process so that you are fully aware of what is happening and why. The interconnections between therapists are thorough, each treatment is customized specifically for you and I am always confident with the services and practitioners here at TCHPP.

    Tara A.
  • I’ve had shoulder pain for over seven years and had been to several facilities over the years and experienced minimal relief. Within a few months at TCHPP, I am now more functional and am experiencing less pain. That’s huge! I never thought I’d get back to functional and doing what I enjoy doing.

    Candace C.
  • At TCHPP – with an extensive, thorough, assessment – within a month my neck issue was gone. I had been to see many people before coming here and there was no chance. I was surprised as to how quickly it healed. The initial appointment was very thorough which made it easier to pinpoint where the problem was. TCHPP is a welcoming facility.

    Trevor P.
  • I have been a client for over two years. TCHPP is a very relaxing environment to be in. The people are open, always friendly, accommodating and in a good mood. The practitioners are clear and concise with both communication and throughout treatment. They are caring & amicable.

    Maria S.
  • They get to the core of what’s happening. I’ve been a client for 15 years. I believe in their philosophy and skill. I am now able to golf and do all the things I enjoy doing more often.

    Bob B.
  • I am a relatively new client at TCHPP. This process was all very new to me. The treatments are all laid out for you clearly and you are constantly shown and educated throughout the entire process, which is comforting. I am able to work because of it. The team at TCHPP are awesome. I am very comfortable here and am happy with the progress I am making.

    Sonia M.
  • I’ve had ongoing neck issues from a past accident I’ve had and continue to have exceptional results and an overall great experience here at TCHPP. The practitioners are very conscious as to what’s going on. They are clear as to what will be taking place in the treatment and they also follow up regarding past issues. I feel like they care about your health and healing which is important.

  • TCHPP is amazing! It is a must for your health needs and I highly suggest TCHPP to anyone who is ready and wanting to care for themselves and grow. I attended the goals workshop held at the beginning of 2013 – it was inspiring, insightful and very helpful. I love that I have already checked several goals off my goal list. Meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Arnold Bodybuilding event earlier this year was one of those goals, and I am really excited about that one!

  • TCHPP is a refreshing place to be. It’s a real nice environment to be in. It is well worth my time and drive from Toronto. Both of my daughters come here for treatments and we are all happy with the results. It is a clean and calm place to be for your treatments and healing.

    The Ford Family

**The testimonials present on this page are not in reference to our physiotherapy practice to be in compliance with the advertising standard of The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

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* The testimonials present on this page are not in reference to our physiotherapy practice to be in compliance with the advertising standard of The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.