Younity Yoga - Where intention goes, life flows

Younity Yoga - Where intention goes, life flows

We would like to welcome Angela Currie to The Centre for Healing and Peak Performance. Angela has created a new program called Younity Yoga

Younity Yoga’s intention is to help you build a solid foundation, while being safe and effective, so you can move through life with the ability to release and let go, which brings in the replenishing you need to heal and nourish your body, mind and soul.

Yoga has been practiced for hundreds of years. A few benefits of this practice are:

  • Reduce in mental illness  
  • May reduce inflammation  
  • Helps lower blood pressure  
  • Improves quality of life  
  • Reduces pain  
  • Can help promote better sleep  
  • Improve flexibility and balance  
  • Can help improve breathing 
  • Promotes healthy eating habits  
  • Increase strength

Enjoy a complimentary session when you book for the first time!

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