The Art of Communication - Language

The Art of Communication - Language

The Art of Communication – Language

Language has a powerful effect on our daily living, our health and overall experience. Little words that we throw out there each and every day are a key part to creating our overall experience.

There is a tendency to be lazy with our language. Then we wonder why we end up in confusing situations and surrounded with misunderstanding. We assume that we know what people mean based on how they choose to communicate that information to us. Plus, we add our own ideas based upon how we are perceiving the person, the situation, combined with our own experiences in relation to them. How clear are they? Is what they are saying congruent with what it is they are experiencing and meaning? How do we know?

Our vocabulary has weight. It can literally weigh you down, hold you back, or it can be light weight, fluid, powerful and help raise you up.

workplace201909Most of us use words that are contradictory to what it is we believe we want. People spend a good amount of time focusing on their frustrations, things they are not happy with or are not wanting to have happen as opposed to thinking clearly about what they do want to have happen, what they are happy with and want more of. It’s like they believe that talking about the frustrations is conveying what they would rather, yet it is only solidifying what they DO not like or want.

We tend to choose words that match how we are thinking and feeling in each moment and experience. When there are strong feelings of any kind and speech that supports those feelings, the actions will follow suit. This is an awesome tool when it is getting you what you desire, however, it can be quite destructive, getting you further from your true desires.

Here’s a simple and quick exercise:

  1. The next time someone asks you how you are doing, note your response. Is it a typical response that you habitually give? Ask yourself, is it accurate? Was I simply being nice? How do I really feel in this moment of my day?

We are habitual by nature. But are each of your habits serving, really serving your best interests?


Let’s take your language game to the next level - it all begins with the first step:

1. Clarifying what it is you want to be, do have and experience.

2. What is working that matches those intentions for yourself. What needs your attention? What is that missing piece you believe would help solve or make this situation (experience) even better?

3. Practice choosing words that only match what it is you want to create.

Are you ready and want to make change? Want to learn more when it comes to the powerful effects of language? Learn how to use language as an effective tool when it comes to creating what you want in your life, and book your FREE complimentary consultation with me, Sarah J. Palumbo, today!

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