The Healing Power of Vibration & Sound

The Healing Power of Vibration & Sound

Everyone is familiar with the term “Vibes.” We see t-shirts displaying the phrase “Good vibes only” and hear people say things like “I got a bad vibe from that person.” But what does it actually mean?

“Vibes” refer to our vibration and the saying is rooted in the fact that humans are energetic beings. Back in grade 4 science class we learned that all matter is energy, and all matter resonates at its natural frequency - This goes for the human body as well. As energetic beings, our body’s vibration can vary and fluctuate. What most people don’t realize is that they have a lot more control over their “vibe” than they think.

fullsizeoutputOur emotions and thoughts are patterns of tiny electrical impulses. Think about the feeling (or energy) you get in your body when you are super happy and excited as opposed to when you are sad or depressed. The entire sensation is very different. Most people report feeling a dense, heavy and stagnant energy often in their chest or in the pit of their stomach when they are experiencing uncomfortable emotions. On the contrast, when we feel happy our body’s energy will feel light and effortless. When our minds become stressed, agitated, depressed, anxious, etc. it causes strain on both our physical body as well as within our body’s energy system. When taking a mind, body & soul approach to our wellness, it’s important to consider the type of energy we are carrying around with us every day.

Good health is not just the exercise we get and the foods we eat. It’s also the thoughts we are thinking and the feelings we are experiencing. Good health includes the energy or “vibe” we are carrying around with us as a result of those thoughts and feelings.

So where do the effects of sound and vibration on the human body come in?

forksAt the very least, syncing the body’s vibration with harmonious frequencies can trigger a deep state of relaxation. Bringing the body to a state of relaxation is an excellent way to reduce anxiousness and improve peace of mind.  Some research suggests that sound can even alter the body’s biochemistry bringing balance to the nervous system and resulting in an improvement of overall physical energy and brain functioning. Ultimately “syncing” or raising of frequencies can help to release lower vibration energy resulting in a lighter, more uplifted state.

Sound & Vibration healing is used with specially tuned forks or “tuners” on specific areas of the body. The harmonious earth tones are used to help stimulate the nerves and release tense energy and stress from the body. This process can also help clear energetic blockages and promote emotional balance through stress reduction and relaxation.

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