Energy Balance

Energy Balance

Energy Balance

We are a unique combination of male/female, Ying and Yang energies. We are in a true state of balance when we are coming from our center and in flow with who we are. We are experiencing more harmony in our lives and the world we live in.

You may have heard this before; we are Energy. Everything and everyone in this amazing world is made up of energy. We are composed of both female and male like essences of energy that are designed to work in this harmony between each other, pulling on each of their strengths to support us in our day to day living for optimal function and performance.

Each of our chakras, for instance, hold both feminine and masculine energies flowing through them. It’s typical that one energy runs slightly higher and there is an ongoing fluctuation between each. When you experience an imbalance, a high dominating energy (overactive or underachieve), it can create an energetic block. When energetic blocks remain for long periods of time in the energetic field, it begins to effect the physical body. The body will begin to experience symptoms that are like “alert signs” to help get your attention as a way for us to tune in and see what is causing this discomfort in the body.

fullsize201911Take for example:

THE SACRAL CHAKRA; has more feminine energy associated with it. It represents creation (woman can create and hold life within this space), it relates to relationships, the balance between giving and receiving, and nurturing. All strong feminine targets. The male energies that support this chakra are resistance, protection, strength, durability.

THE ROOT CHAKRA: has more male energies associated with it. Grounding - roots, strength, stability, providing. A few of the female targets associated with this chakra are connection, growth, nurturing, and flexibility.

When these energies are at odds with one another, there’s a power struggle taking place. When this happens, the energies begin to sabotage and work against you. When there is a lack of connection or a misunderstanding as to how you can use these energies in an efficient and effective form, life can become chaotic, stressful and fearful.

The goal for optimal health is to understand the self at the deepest level - an energetic level.

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