A Letter from our CEO Alvin Brown

A Letter from our CEO Alvin Brown

To all our valued clients,


It’s been some time since we last communicated with you all. This entire experience has taken everyone by surprise, and with the on-boarding of our new client management program, Jane, we haven’t had a chance to integrate it all effectively enough to stay connected with you.

We have faced epidemics before, but this pandemic has created another level of uncertainty and a whole host of emotions. The key and often overused word for this experience seems to be, unprecedented! It’s been over a century since the last time the world has seen something like this. I don’t think I am telling you anything earth-shattering here, since we are all experiencing the same thoughts, feelings and emotions, on a global level.

My true purpose of this letter is for a few reasons:

  1. To let you all know we’re thinking of you and we want to get back to doing what we all do best, and that is to serve you and help you to achieve optimal health, in addition to helping  you alleviate your pain.
  2. Inform you that the proposed date of return for non-essential services such as ours, was May 19th, however, now we may be looking at June? This is all pending upon further government mandate, so we continue to play it by ear and keep you updated.
  3. We are not certain what the “new or temporary normal” protocol may be once we return. By protocol, I am referring to how we will be able to work with clients and conduct our business as usual. Once again, it’s all about being adaptable and flexible in our plans.
  4. We will be tweaking the new online booking system to accommodate the new process and protocols so your user-experience can be a smooth and seamless as possible.


That’s all for now. We will keep you updated and in the loop as time creeps toward a return to somewhat normal.

Until we connect again; be safe, stay the course, and I wish you continued health and wellness.


Alvin Brown

CEO and Founder of The Centre for Healing & Peak Performance


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