4 Tips to Overcome Zoom Fatigue

4 Tips to Overcome Zoom Fatigue

Zoom fatigue is the latest phrase we’ve added to our vocabulary since the pandemic has started. If you’re finding yourself exhausted between office hours, webinars, classes, and social time on Zoom, you are not the only one!

Follow these four simple tips to help you manage that Zoom fatigue you may be feeling every day:

1. Turn off self-view: Seeing yourself observed by others or watching yourself speak can be as cringe-inducing as watching a video of yourself. Block self-view or turn off your camera if possible.

2. Schedule breaks: Research shows that even short breaks can help you physically and mentally. Just like athletes need a good recovery stretch after a big game, we need to build-in productive breaks.

3. Turn everything else off: Close your email, silence your phone, close down the other myriad of projects you’re working on. Focus, breathe, and stay in the moment of your call.

4. Choose your meetings wisely: Cut as many opt-in meetings out of your schedule as you can and avoid scheduling back -to-back calls.


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