Be Your Best Self by Building Your Mindset During COVID-19

Be Your Best Self by Building Your Mindset During COVID-19

Since the global pandemic started, many of us are facing unknowns and experiencing changes in everyday life from a personal to professional level. An outbreak like this triggers a response from us that not only creates stress and demands energy but can also lead to emotional and physical problems.

It’s essential to recognize that mental health is a part of our response so developing strategies that reduce stress while building resilience skills are important for maintaining our mental well-being.

·         Let go of things you can’t control - We easily turn to anxiety-inducing “what if” statements which lead to downward spirals. Take a step back to look at the bigger picture and focus on what you can proactively do in the present moment.


·         Build your resiliency muscle - This experience will either make you or break you! Since we’re all in this together on a global level, the choice is yours. Make the most of it by adapting to the current situation and conquer it.


·         Practice self-compassion - Today it becomes even more critical to balance your stress with good nutrition, sleep and exercise. Find ways to relax and embrace activities that will bring you joy on the inside.


It may not feel like it at the time, but with every major crisis and change, we have a chance to build our resilience and develop new coping strategies. By shifting our mindset, we can learn to manage life's threats and navigate fears more effectively and achieve positive mental well-being!

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