Ready to See Improvement in Your Golf Game?

Ready to See Improvement in Your Golf Game?

Golf is often seen as a recreational sport, but golf games require muscular strength and power. They also require limber muscles for a better range of motion. If you are interested in golf and want to do better with it, you must know about golf stretching. Incorporating stretches and exercise will improve your golf game and help prevent injuries as well.

Shoulder stretch: This is done to improve range of motion in the shoulder joint. As a golfer, you should take this as one of the major stretches and do it before and after each tee shot.

Back stretch: This is done to reduce muscle tightness and pain. You need to incorporate moves that stretch the lower back, neck, and shoulders.

Hamstring stretch: This is done to improve your flexibility which is the most important part of golf stretching. You will not have the range of motion to properly perform without flexibility, even though you have enough strength. It will help you raise your stability and strengthen your hamstrings.

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