Let’s Talk Self-Care with Dr. Carmen

Let’s Talk Self-Care with Dr. Carmen

The new calendar year can be an exciting time to set goals and to look toward new beginnings. It should also be an opportunity for you to continue with your healthy habits and to commit to your wellbeing. Many people focus on new year resolutions which are easy to create but being consistent beyond January is another level of commitment.

self-care-image-2When you look back on the year 2021, continue with the things that made you proud of yourself and fill in the gaps where you feel like you could have given more attention towards your self-care.

Think about ways you can take care of yourself even more than you did last year. Begin a routine and stick to it. Drink more water. Exercise three times a week. Eat better. Get a massage. Get adjusted. Practice meditation. If you try any one of these things and stick to it, you will see results. If you stick to them all, imagine what will become of yourself.

Let 2022 be about YOU! Self-care is needed to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and with others. If you don’t care for yourself, who will? Remember, you will attract what you are ready for - are you ready to take a step forward in your wellbeing? Schedule an appointment with me and together let’s set goals for a healthier you!

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