The Guide to Keeping Children Healthy This School Year

The Guide to Keeping Children Healthy This School Year

How do we create a sense of normalcy in an ongoing pandemic? For many parents, that has been a struggle over the last couple years now.

To give your children the best possible launch, look at their overall health to get them physically ready to meet all the challenges of the school year ahead.

Teach your child proper hand washing - Teach your child to sing the happy birthday song twice (about 20 seconds) while washing his or her hands.

Get enough sleep - Quality of sleep is directly associated with your child’s behavior, eating habits and ability to fight off infections.

school-year-safety-2Provide a healthy breakfast - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day when it comes to school kids. A balanced, brain-boosting breakfast has been shown to be important for brain function as well as maintaining a steady level of energy throughout the day.

Reduce screen time - The type of light emitted from a computer and mobile device can reduce melatonin levels, making it more difficult to fall asleep and can disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm.

Get moving - Whether in a classroom or learning virtually from home, physical activity is very important for children. Find fun activities appropriate for your child.

Make sure your child is hydrated - This can help prevent fatigue, improve mood, aid in digestion and weight maintenance, and improve brain function.

On top of having your child practice these cleanliness tips to remain healthy, it’s also a great idea to get them booked in for a massage. This will help to make sure their body is in alignment so they can reach their peak performance and be physically ready for the rest of the school year ahead! Click here to check out all the services we offer.

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