Are You Getting A Restful Sleep?

Are You Getting A Restful Sleep?

Let’s talk sleep! One of my absolute favourite topics to talk about – after all, I didn’t get coined the Sleep Queen for no reason.

Are you waking up feeling groggy, not well rested, or usually have trouble falling asleep or wake up constantly throughout the night? If you answered YES to either, we need to work on your sleep hygiene.

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our body. When we sleep, our bodies RESET for the next day. Our mood improves, our digestion improves, our focus improves…need I say more?

Here are bedtime rules I use to have better sleep:

  1. Turn Off All Your Screens

ONE hour before bedtime, make sure you turn off all screens such as TV, phones, tablets etc. Not only does the blue light affect your ability to fall asleep easier but stimulating your brain before bed can also keep you up. Your brain needs to settle down before it’s time to sleep.

  1. Practice Deep Breathing When You Get Into Bed

This one is often overlooked and yet might be the most important one! When we breathe through our bellies, we ACTIVATE the calming mechanism in our body (Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS)) which in turn, decreases our stress response (Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS)). Cool, right? This is why deep breathing can help cause relaxation and actually help you fall asleep easier.

  1. restful-sleep-2Avoid Eating 2 Hours Before Bedtime

I always advise others to get to bed early if possible and wake up earlier to conquer the day. I usually head to bed at 9:30pm and will not eat anything after 7:30pm. This not only helps prevent weight gain, but by allowing the body to digest hours before bedtime, you prevent any discomfort related to your body having to work extra hard to work off the food you just ate before bed.

Remember, everybody is different, and there are so many other factors that affect our sleep individually (which we would not be able to cover through a blog).

I do hope that by sharing these general rules I use, you may get some benefit from it too.

Did you know there are techniques used in Chiropractic which may help with your sleep? Book an appointment with me by calling (905) 420-4325 and together, let’s reach your optimal wellness!

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