Lose The Excess Baggage!

Lose The Excess Baggage!

It’s about that time of year when most people do their spring cleaning. Most of us declutter our homes, while some declutter their mind and body. But how about the soul? Just like when you go on a detox diet to flush out the toxins from your body and cleanse your internal organs, it’s also helpful to flush out toxins from the soul.

Meditate - Meditation is an effective way to help calm the monkey mind. It helps you detox your mind and enhance your ability to focus.

Journal - Sometimes you just need to get out what’s on your mind. Try setting a timer for 30 minutes and doing a brain dump of all the challenges you are struggling with. Writing them down will help let it all go and detox your mind from those nagging worries.

Set intentions - Setting intentions make things happen in a conscious way, instead of leaving it up to chance. When you think of your intention, write it down in a place you see often so you can remind yourself of your highest intention for the day, week or season.Baggage-content-05-0...

Practice reflection - Reflect on your responses and goals in life. What or who may be in the way of achieving your goals in life? What are you ready to release from your life in order to create space for something new? Decide to keep or let go of things if they serve you or not.

Before getting into the craziness of spring cleaning, take some time to yourself and book a session with one of our amazing therapists!

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