Put Your Mask on First

Put Your Mask on First

Many of us focus on the negatives, like how much work is left or how busy your day is. We actually don’t need to be perfect. Rewarding yourself for your successes is SO important, no matter how frequent and small they may seem to you.

What are six of the best ways you can reward yourself? Let’s dive in.

  1. Taking a nap: Sleep is a restorative process for the brain, allowing your body to hit the pause button in the middle of a hectic day. Even a 10-minute nap can recharge your mind.blog-070422-image-tw...
  2. Enjoy nature: Spending time with nature is great for your mental and emotional well-being.
  3. Start moving: Why not try a new exercise class or spend some time at home doing some fitness activities you enjoy.
  4. Read a book: Too often, we all let reading slip as we get busier over time. Grabbing a book to read for at least 20-minutes can feel amazing to do.
  5. Do a 3-day solitude: As Dr. Tom Hill always says, have a 3-day solitude where you will not do anything. By doing that, you can come back fresher and better.
  6. Get a massage: Spoiling yourself is a major part of putting your mask on first so book with us today! It’s time to reach your optimal health and peak performance.

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