Stretches to help REDUCE HEADACHES

Stretches to help REDUCE HEADACHES

Headaches and migraines can be debilitating and can significantly reduce quality of life. While medication is often used to treat these conditions, it is not the only option. Stretching can be a great way to ease or even prevent headaches or migraines without relying on medication to fix the problem. If you think muscle tension might be causing the agonising pain, try some simple stretches for relief.

  • image-twoNeck stretch: Gently tilt your head forward and then backward five times each way. After that is done, tilt your head from side to side five times each way. This will help loosen up those tight neck muscles that could be contributing to your headache pain.
  • Shoulder roll: Sitting up straight in a chair, roll both shoulders forward five times and then backward five times at a slow pace. This will help relax any tense shoulder muscles that might be exacerbating the discomfort.
  • Upper back stretch: Sit up straight in a chair and interlock both hands behind your back while keeping them straightened out as much as possible (like you’re trying to hug someone). Hold this position for about 30 seconds before releasing it. This will help stretch out those stiff upper back muscles that could be causing the aching feeling in your head area.

If you found that none of these stretches helped alleviate the pain, you may need to book a session with one of our incredible therapists so they can dive deeper into the underlying cause that may be contributing to the discomfort you’re feeling.

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