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Dr. Carmen Jweda
Doctor of Chiropractic
Can Acupuncture Help You?
There is a common misconception on the topic of acupuncture therapy. Some will believe it is painful, others will believe it is a placebo effect and most people will have absolutely no idea as to what acupuncture therapy can offer.Let’s address the first misconception – acupuncture should NOT be painful if done using proper technique. If anything, acupuncture therapy helps with pain RELIEF. Research has shown that it allows your brain to release endorphins; your feel-good hormones. T...
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Pre-Shovelling Stretches with Dr. Carmen
Now that the winter season is upon us, you may find yourself buried in snow. Your first instinct may be to grab a shovel – but if you are not prepared, you are putting yourself at risk for strain or injury.
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