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Dr. Carmen Jweda
Doctor of Chiropractic
3 Exercises to Improve Your Posture!
With most of us having desk jobs and working from home these past few years, our postures need a little TLC! Our bodies crave movement, so when we stay in a position for more than an hour, this allows for our muscles and joints to stiffen up. Movement lubricates our joints and increases blood flow to our muscle So, I challenge you to try these easy exercises daily for the next 2 weeks and I guarantee you should feel a lot less stiff!
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Are You Getting A Restful Sleep?
Let’s talk sleep! One of my absolute favourite topics to talk about – after all, I didn’t get coined the Sleep Queen for no reason.Are you waking up feeling groggy, not well rested, or usually have trouble falling asleep or wake up constantly throughout the night? If you answered YES to either, we need to work on your sleep hygiene.Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our body. When we sleep, our bodies RESET for the next day. Our...
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Acupuncture Explained in 3 Steps!
This is one of my most favourite topics to discuss - mainly because I cannot imagine my practice without using acupuncture therapy! It is THAT good.There is a common misconception when someone hears the word ‘acupuncture’. Some will believe it is painful, others will believe it is a placebo effect and most people will have absolutely no idea as to what acupuncture therapy does.Well let’s get into it: Increases Blood FlowWhen an acupuncture needle is inserted into the muscle, an...
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Let’s Talk Self-Care with Dr. Carmen
The new calendar year can be an exciting time to set goals and to look toward new beginnings. It should also be an opportunity for you to continue with your healthy habits and to commit to your wellbeing. Many people focus on new year resolutions which are easy to create but being consistent beyond January is another level of commitment.When you look back on the year 2021, continue with the things that made you proud of yourself and fill in the gaps where you feel like you could have given more ...
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Can Acupuncture Help You?
There is a common misconception on the topic of acupuncture therapy. Some will believe it is painful, others will believe it is a placebo effect and most people will have absolutely no idea as to what acupuncture therapy can offer.Let’s address the first misconception – acupuncture should NOT be painful if done using proper technique. If anything, acupuncture therapy helps with pain RELIEF. Research has shown that it allows your brain to release endorphins; your feel-good hormones. T...
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Pre-Shovelling Stretches with Dr. Carmen
Now that the winter season is upon us, you may find yourself buried in snow. Your first instinct may be to grab a shovel – but if you are not prepared, you are putting yourself at risk for strain or injury.
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