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The Guide to Keeping Children Healthy This School Year
How do we create a sense of normalcy in an ongoing pandemic? For many parents, that has been a struggle over the last couple years now.To give your children the best possible launch, look at their overall health to get them physically ready to meet all the challenges of the school year ahead.Teach your child proper hand washing - Teach your child to sing the happy birthday song twice (about 20 seconds) while washing his or her hands.Get enough sleep - Quality of sleep is directly associated with...
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Maintaining a Happy Mindset During the Holidays
Are the holidays the season of excitement or a time for stress and anxiety? In a perfect world, the holidays would be full of cheers. But for some people, the extra-hectic schedule and unmet expectations that tend to come with the season can lead to a less festive emotional state.This year, plan to enjoy the season by following four of the top-secret tips to maintaining a happy mindset during the holidays.1. Look at the big picture: Take a step back and try to see the big picture. This year migh...
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Remain Consistent During the Holidays!
The holidays are upon us and staying healthy during this season can be really challenging. This season can be a fun but stressful time of year and we can easily find that our normal routines get pushed to the side. It’s easy to overindulge on food and drinks and be more sedentary this time of year. However, there are still things you can do to continue your healthy eating during the holidays.Don’t forget your fruits and vegetables: These are rich in vitamins and minerals, high infibe...
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Plan for the New Year by Setting Goals!
The basics of setting goals give you short-term and long-term motivation for deciding what you want to do with your life and what you need to do to achieve it. They help you set focus on the acquisition of required knowledge and help you to plan and organize your resources and time so that you can get the best out of your life.Setting clearly defined goals will enable you to measure your progress and achieve personal satisfaction once you have successfully met them. Charting your progress will a...
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The Power of Meditation
Meditation has been around for thousands of years, and researchers have documented its value in a variety of settings and applications. There is nothing like it for nurturing the spirit and calming the mind. Consistent practice improves our intellectual capacity, strengthens our self-worth and compassion, and increases our powers of awareness.However, we sometimes overlook the fact that meditation also has huge physical health benefits! Check out these 3 health-boosting qualities associated with...
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Solutions for Low Back Pain
Lower back pain affects 80% of people at some point in their life. Sitting for too long can add a lot of pressure on our lower backs and that can translate to pain and discomfort. But what can we do about it?Stretching helps restore proper muscle readiness and ensures the greatest elasticity for muscles. Allowing muscles to perform at their maximum potential can reduce the load on damaged parts of the spine.After much research, we found the top 3 lower back stretches that will help you relieve t...
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Boost Your Mood With Food!
Can your diet really help put you in a good mood? The answer may surprise you! Basically, the science behind how diet affects mood is based on this: Dietary changes can bring about changes in our brain structure, which can lead to altered behavior.So, how should you change your food intake if you want to try to improve your mood?Consume More Omega-3 Fatty Acids:  In recent years, researchers have noted that omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid may help protect against depression. This makes s...
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Mental Health Benefits of Exercise
You already know that exercise is good for your body. But did you know it also has emotional and mental health benefits?Stronger resilience: Regular activity can help boost your immune system and reduce the impact of stress. When faced with mental or emotional challenges in life, exercise can help you cope in a healthy way, instead of resorting to negative behaviors like alcohol and smoking.Higher self-esteem: Regular exercise is an investment in your mind, body, and soul. You’ll feel bett...
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Our Emotional Compass
Emotions - we all have them; they are a natural part of our human experience. They can run high, low, deep and can even overwhelm us at times. We have been taught very little when it comes to the power of our emotions, and how to effectively experience them. They hold so much power, and when we fully experience the full spectrum of emotions in the healthiest form possible, we are then able to fully experience life in all its beauty.What people tend to do is categorize emotions and begin to label...
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Are You Ready to Fulfill Your True Potential and Purpose in Life?
Are You Ready to Fulfill Your True Potential and Purpose in Life?Are you starting to feel lost on what to do next? Or wonder if you’re making the right decision? If so, you may lack a certain thing needed for success - clarity. Clarity plays a massive role in achieving your purpose and full potential.If you lack clarity, it leaves you wondering and questioning all areas of your life. It stops you from taking the steps toward your dreams and goals. If you have clarity, you will have a clear...
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