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Clear Your Mind of Negativity to Create A Happy You
It’s so easy to become affected by all the negativity and doubt saturating the news and social media. Now more than ever, it’s important to take care of your mind so you can focus on the positive and remain happy! Follow these top three secrets to help refresh your mind from negativity and doubt.
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Make This Golf Season The Best One Yet!
Many people who have played golf who experienced pain, or even have a few bad games, assume there’s something wrong with their swing. But while poor swing mechanics might be the cause, it’s more likely a sign of inflexibility and weakness.
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Lose The Excess Baggage!
It’s about that time of year when most people do their spring cleaning. Most of us declutter our homes, while some declutter their mind and body. But how about the soul? Just like when you go on a detox diet to flush out the toxins from your body and cleanse your internal organs, it’s also helpful to flush out toxins from the soul.Meditate - Meditation is an effective way to help calm the monkey mind. It helps you detox your mind and enhance your ability to focus.Journal - Sometimes ...
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Is Your Body Ready For The Warm Seasons?
Let’s talk about detoxing the body and getting it ready for the spring and summer seasons! Our body is constantly processing foods, drinks, emotions, and thoughts, which can make us feel very overwhelmed.If you’re feeling sluggish and still suffering the effects of eating and drinking to excess, it may be time for a detox. Follow these 4 simple and easy ways to naturally detox your body to get ready for the warm seasons! Physical activityNot only does exercise make you feel better, b...
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Are you still on track toward your 2022 fitness goals?
We are now heading into the fourth month of 2022. Many people set a new year resolution that involves physical activity, but tend to fall off a couple months in. Getting started or even maintaining physical activity can be challenging. Whether you’re just starting or need a refresher, here are some of the best tips to stay on track with your fitness goals to help you achieve the body and lifestyle you want.Plan: Planning ahead is a good way to prepare yourself for the workouts, measure you...
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The Secrets to Sharpen Your Focus
In today’s world, concentration has become a bit of a lost art, especially with all the distractions around us. But in order to achieve great things in both your personal and professional life, it almost always requires a great deal of focus. Follow these four secrets to sharpen your focus and get on track to achieving all your goals!Meditation - This has shown to reduce stress and clutter in your mind. Even just 10-20 minutes a day spent meditating will help you improve concentration.Exer...
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Optimize Your Brain to Its Full Potential
Everyone wants to sharpen their focus, enhance their memory, and improve concentration. Yet, if you believe what you read online, you’d think you need dietary supplements, online games, and various apps to do it. We have 3 super easy ways that can help optimize your brain into its full potential.  Get a good night sleep: REM (rapid eye movement) sleep helps “stimulate associative networks, allowing the brain to make new and useful associations between unrelated ideas” and ...
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Reach Your Fitness Goals in 2022
Losing weight will never be an easy process. Those who have succeeded in shedding some pounds can prove that victory is, and truly is, a result of mind over matter. Try these 3 long-held tricks and you may find that working out is just as easy as ABC! Motivate yourself to exercise each dayYou need to find your personal motivation. Any reason that will get you off the bed and get your body moving can be a motivation. It can be weight control, bone strength, muscle enhancement, or even decrea...
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The Guide to Keeping Children Healthy This School Year
How do we create a sense of normalcy in an ongoing pandemic? For many parents, that has been a struggle over the last couple years now.To give your children the best possible launch, look at their overall health to get them physically ready to meet all the challenges of the school year ahead.Teach your child proper hand washing - Teach your child to sing the happy birthday song twice (about 20 seconds) while washing his or her hands.Get enough sleep - Quality of sleep is directly associated with...
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Maintaining a Happy Mindset During the Holidays
Are the holidays the season of excitement or a time for stress and anxiety? In a perfect world, the holidays would be full of cheers. But for some people, the extra-hectic schedule and unmet expectations that tend to come with the season can lead to a less festive emotional state.This year, plan to enjoy the season by following four of the top-secret tips to maintaining a happy mindset during the holidays.1. Look at the big picture: Take a step back and try to see the big picture. This year migh...
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