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Be Your Best Self by Building Your Mindset During COVID-19
Since the global pandemic started, many of us are facing unknowns and experiencing changes in everyday life from a personal to professional level. An outbreak like this triggers a response from us that not only creates stress and demands energy but can also lead to emotional and physical problems.It’s essential to recognize that mental health is a part of our response so developing strategies that reduce stress while building resilience skills are important for maintaining our mental well-...
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4 Tips to Overcome Zoom Fatigue
Zoom fatigue is the latest phrase we’ve added to our vocabulary since the pandemic has started. If you’re finding yourself exhausted between office hours, webinars, classes, and social time on Zoom, you are not the only one!Follow these four simple tips to help you manage that Zoom fatigue you may be feeling every day:1. Turn off self-view: Seeing yourself observed by others or watching yourself speak can be as cringe-inducing as watching a video of yourself. Block self-view or turn ...
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4 BEST Exercises to Release Tight IT Bands
Do you have tight IT bands that you just can’t seem to release? Try these 4 best exercises to get that relief you have been looking for.
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The Connection Between Sleep and Overall Health
Are you someone who has trouble sleeping and can feel the effects in your everyday life?
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Stay Fit and Healthy with These Physical Activity Guidelines
Physical exercise plays an important role in life and health as it can help reduce obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and depression
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Diet and Depression: What You Eat Can Help Improve Mood, New Study Finds
Food is a big factor to our health and overall well-being, but many people are unaware that it can also have an effect on depression.
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Top Physical Fitness Activities for Kids
For kids, physical activity is extremely important as it leads to an active and healthy lifestyle as they get older. They need to start exercising early in life so they can develop those habits that will last a lifetime.
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Exercise is the New Primary Prescription for Those with Mental Health Problems
Exercise can do so much for the body, mind and soul. A recent study has shown that exercise is very good at improving symptoms of anxiety and depression to schizophrenia.
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