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Within a month my neck issue was gone.

Trevor P.

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COVID-19 Measures

In alignment with the Occupational Health and Safety Precautions, we have implemented measures and government approved products such as:

  • Purell sanitizer
  • Disinfectant - Avmor Benzalkonium chloride liquid
  • Lysol spray
  • Masks, face shields and gloves worn by all staff
  • No waiting area
  • Clients must stay in their car and call when they have arrived
  • Clients must have a face mask on before entering
  • Selling disposable masks if clients do not have one
  • Clients immediately have to wash their hands after entering our clinic
  • Plexiglass shield around reception area
  • Bathrooms are being disinfected after every use
  • Every appointment booked is required to the COVID-19 screening on Jane before appointment
  • Maintaining safe distances


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Nice balance between a zen feel and a clinical facility.

Tara A.

Feel the positive change

A very relaxing environment to be in.

Maria S.

Improve you Mind, Body and Soul

They get to the core of what’s happening.

Bob B.

Talented practitioners who care

The team at TCHPP is awesome.

Sonia M.

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Hi, I’m Alvin Brown, the founder and CEO of The Centre for Healing and Peak Performance. 

Growing up, I was diagnosed with a rare skin condition. I sought ways to deal with this through health and wellness instead of just creams or other medications. I put myself on a strict diet, nutrition and exercise regimen which helped to lessen this condition. I committed to learning everything I could and went on to earn two university degrees in addition to certifications in a number of health and wellness disciplines including massage therapy, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, personal training and holistic nutrition.

To share this information I wrote a book, Journey to Personal Greatness, Mind, Body & Soul: A Blueprint for LIfe Balance & Self-Mastery, to provide readers with their own blueprint for achieving life balance. I use this same philosophy from the book with clients and have trained my team on what I call the integrated peak performance program – connecting the mind, body and soul.

As well, I regularly write for Sweat Equity Magazine, aimed at readers committed to the same ideals I believe in: Healthy living, peak performance and personal greatness.

These experiences and knowledge have gone into The Centre for Healing and Peak Performance which is the embodiment of the complete vision. Our name symbolizes the connection between ‘healing’ the whole person and restoring balance so a person can achieve his or her ‘peak performance’ in both personal and professional life.

About our visual identity:

This identity symbolizes what The Centre for Healing and Peak Performance is all about and what we wish our clients to recognize as our essential purpose.  The logo represents the centre as more than a place for individual or one-time treatments and truly a centre for healing the whole person – mind, body and soul.  The idea of holistic health and treatment and achieving peak performance, all under one roof, is key.
Visually the three ‘arms’ represent mind (blue), body (green) and soul (yellow/orange). The solid dot in the middle represents focus on all three of these elements and represents the centre and eye of creation. The circle encompassing everything is the circle of life and the continuation of health, wellness and peak performance.

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